A remarkable woman, and her book about a remarkable woman

I’ve decided that I really want to read Marie-Anne: The Extraordinary Life of Louis Riel’s Grandmother.

Talk about an amazing, interesting woman! So many facets to her life, so many interesting pursuits!

Oh – did you think I was talking about Marie-Anne, the grandmother? Actually, I was thinking of the book’s author herself, Maggie Siggins. This past Monday, at Innis Town Hall, the University of Toronto┬áReading Series presented her new book, and Ms. Siggins read from it for a bit, and then chatted about it with Canadian historian Christopher Moore.

Boy, does Maggie Siggins love western Canadian history! Sure, she’s just moved back to Toronto after 20+ years living in Regina, and considers Toronto her true home, but she expects she’s always going to write mostly about western Canada. She thinks people had to be “pretty eccentric” to go out into that wilderness and try to live there, and “Ontario history is so boring by comparison…the Family Compact and all that…”

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