My blog home is actually a Mansion!

Did you know that the UK Prime Minister’s official site was done with WordPress?

About a year ago, I moved some blogs to WordPress because I’d heard you could do more things at WP than where I was before.

I didn’t know the half of it. Actually, I didn’t know one ten thousandth of what you can do with WordPress. But after attending one of the WordCamp conferences organized by WP users last weekend, I’m getting a pretty good inkling. And I need to pay more attention to the discussions on this site, the FAQs, the Help topics, the plug-ins…oh, just everything.

The key thing I learned at WordCamp, that totally blew insular, inexperienced ol’ me away, is that WordPress is not “just a blog site,” and not “just blog software.” It has so many functions that there aren’t many things, or many types of website, that you can’t create with it. Continue reading